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Mangrove Paddle

Laid Back Excursions in The Lower Florida Keys

Paddleboard Exploration Mangrove Paddle is an eco-minded charter company providing excursions for all ages, skill levels and abilities. Enjoy a broad range of low key, local and laid back island fun.

We offer you fully immersive and inclusive day trips to the reef, sandbars, mangrove islands and more all while boating, paddleboarding, sightseeing, snorkeling, relaxing, exploring and fishing.

Aboard our fully equiped vessel we'll guide you through the tropical waters of The Lower Keys and The Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge for an authentic island experience by a native guide.

All trips are loosely structured to accommodate whatever you're most interested in doing, seeing or catching. Trips are for 1 to 4 passengers, everything is included, departure times are flexible, sunset trips are available and all skill levels welcome.

Activities & Charters Offered

Our flexibility allows you a range of choices ensuring your perfect island experience. You have the option for standard one activity focused charters like snorkeling, paddleboarding, exploration, relaxation and fishing or any combination for a personalized day. Can't decide? Let us help.

The Mangrove Islands & Flats | Paddle

Flow Through The Backcountry Scenery

Paddleboarding at Sunset Paddleboarding Backcountry Channels Paddleboarding with Sealife

Expect to paddle with minimal effort while floating inches above sharks, rays and other sealife. The tides and winds will carry you between islands, along beaches, sandbars and anywhere else you desire, you are literally "going with the flow". We provide up to three boards that can be utilized for touring, sightseeing, exercise, fishing or for when an opportunity presents itself.

Underwater Scenery | Snorkel

Colorful, Diverse & Full of Life

Backcountry Discovery Snorkeling Mangrove Snorkeling Fun Easy Shallow Water Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a great way to get up close and personal with the local sealife and experience a range of beautiful colors and underwater diversity. In The Keys we have the flexibility of many interesting snorkel areas. They include the mangrove islands, inshore coral heads, patch reefs and our barrier reef just six miles off of the island chain.

Sandbars Islands & Beaches | Relax

Explore, Relax & Sightsee The Tidal Sands

Relaxing at The Sandbars Exploring The Sandbars Paddleboarding The Sandbars

The sandbars and beaches are the gems of the backcountry. These tidal oases emerge at low tide producing some of the most picturesque areas of the Keys. A great way to spend a day swimming, soaking up the rays and trying a few activities like paddleboarding or snorkeling all from your own personal slice of sandy paradise.

Dolphin, Wildlife & Sealife | Explore

View Keys Animal Life, Above & Below The Waterline

Sea Turtle Encounters Dolphin Encounters Migrating Bird Encounters

The sealife in the keys comes in many forms with annual migrations, resident wildlife and unique creature encounters all year. Dolphin watching is a a great way to spend a couple of hours and if you add to that our turtle, bird, shark and stingray population you've got yourself some great sightseeing, photo opportunities and exploration.

Shallow Water Sportfishing | Fish

by Boat, Board & Wading

Paddleboard Fishing Boat Fishing Wade Fishing

We cover the whole Lower Keys fishery with something for everyone including paddleboard fishing. As an eco minded charter we primarily practice catch and release.

Prices, Info & Navigation

17' Boat (2 people max.)

  • $300 for 3 hours
  • $400 for 4 hours
  • $500 for 5 hours
  • $600 for 6 hours

24' Boat (4 people max.)

  • $350 for 3 hours
  • $450 for 4 hours
  • $550 for 5 hours
  • $650 for 6 hours

Included (Relative to Type of Charter)

  • All Paddleboarding Equipment
  • All Fishing Equipment
  • All Snorkeling Equipment
  • Cooler of Ice & Bottled Water

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